Got rhubarb? Recipes, ideas in this blog.


I’m not preparing rhubarb desserts anymore  (I can’t have them) but since it’s growing all over the Pacific Northwest right now, I thought it might be useful to some new readers if I listed those I’ve made here with the recipes.

Right off the bat, I recommend the rhubarb ice cream, the making of which does not involve an ice cream machine or rock salt. Since we’re still in Stay Home, Stay Safe mode, there’s something special about using what we’ve got, making new things, even stirring something every 15-20 minutes for a couple hours because we know it’ll be worth it when we’re done, as in this divine ice cream. (recipe is from Taste of Home, linked below. I doubled this recipe for a Bon Voyage/Happy Birthday/Block Party and it was gone in a flash.

Cinnamon-Sugar Rhubarb Cake  Recipe is from:     with thanks to Ben and Birdy’s Cranberry Upside Down Cake (and my niece who told me about it)  (recipe is here   Walnuts are better than pecans in it, per another post in which hard flour was used.     It’s like Dutch apple pie, only it’s not.

And finally, if one wants a bit of extravagance (okay, harder work than any of the others), there was this bit of Heaven:      In which I substituted rhubarb for cranberries, using this recipe:

Bee happy


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