In the kitchen with juliyya: Cinnamon Sugar Rhubarb Cake

Cookbook photo and Actual cake photo

It’s still rhubarb-in-the-wild season here, so a couple girlies and I got together this morning to make another type of rhubarb cake to serve warm for lunch. The recipe is in the 2007 Taste of Home Annual Recipes cookbook. We substituted butter for shortening and made a 50/50 blend of milk and fresh-squeezed orange juice instead of buttermilk. It’s delicious, the tangy rhubarb offset by the cinnamon-sugar generously sprinkled across the batter before the cake is baked. Contrary to the directions to bake for 40-45 minutes, it was done in 30.

Somebody wanted her purple flag displayed in front of her purple-y dress. A dog or person had carelessly broken the flower stalk, so the flower needed a rescue and some water in a vase to live another day.

Mini-chef rescued purple flag
Love the different purples in sunlight and shade.

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