Spring Rhubarb Cake with Rhubarb Ice Cream

Rhubarb in the garden

One of my nieces sent me a recipe for an upside-down cranberry cake from another blog in which the author said she sometimes makes it with rhubarb. I bookmarked it with the intention of making it today, along with a batch of rhubarb ice cream.* However, this morning when I clicked the link, it had been replaced with a recipe for Simple Rhubarb Cake.* Why bother with upside down today? I went for simple.

The recipe calls for two parts unbleached all-purpose flour to one third spelt, which I don’t have on hand. However, I have some Bluebird Grain Farms organic Pasayten whole grain flour, so I used the same percentages and it worked great. She used a 9″ springform and 350. I doubled the recipe, put it in the glass baking dish, lowering the bake temperature appropriately to 325. It took 40 minutes in the gas oven.


The aroma of the baking cake is wonderful, inviting. The rhubarb ice cream on top will turn the dessert into a bit of rhubarb Heaven on earth, I’m sure.

Young and old caught my eye



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