Spring Rhubarb Ice Cream

1st of the season, Otto's rhubarb
1st of the season rhubarb

One of my neighbors offered these stalks of rhubarb from his family garden when I said, “Yes, please, and I will make rhubarb ice cream for dessert Thursday evening.” This was the first of the fruit ice creams which I mastered a couple summers ago, ice creams requiring no rock salt and no ice cream machine. It requires an oven, a food processor, a whisk, an arm and a timer.

Chopped rhubarb, roasted
Chopped rhubarb, roasted

First step after washing and cutting the rhubarb into pieces is roasting it in a sugar bath for approximately 40 minutes, cooling it a bit, running it through the food processor and refrigerating the lumpy puree until it is very cold. Then the heavy whipping cream is whipped to stiff peaks, whisked into the cold puree, put in a deep CorningWare dish and popped into the freezer. Every 15 minutes for an hour or so, it is taken out of the freeze, whisked again and returned to the freezer.

Rhubarb Ice Cream, delicate pink, flavor undisputed
Rhubarb Ice Cream, delicate pink, flavor undisputed

It’s in the freezer now covered with a layer of tin foil and will be ready for dinnertime and 12 people to enjoy this batch and a half.

The original recipe was in Taste of Home cooking magazine. I googled it last night and found that it is available online if anyone else is interested. If you are fond of rhubarb, then this is another one of those flavors you know would be found in an ice cream kiosk in Heaven. No kidding.


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