juliyya’s Friday cookies: classic Jubilee Jumbles

My daughter and I agreed last week that she would come over on Thursday night this week so she could take some Jubilee Jumbles into her office for a meeting in the morning. They will be offered juliyya’s Friday cookies! These are soft, cakey vanilla and brown sugar cookies with a few chocolate chips and … More juliyya’s Friday cookies: classic Jubilee Jumbles

Egg Korma, aka Hard-boiled Eggs in Spicy Tomato Sauce

For the X’th time, a lovely dinner was created and the photograph forgotten until mere fragments were left, smashed up and partially sauce-covered bits of hard-boiled eggs. It all started with a photo and recipe in last week’s PCC flyer. I thought the recipe looked both tame and a bit familiar, so a quick trip … More Egg Korma, aka Hard-boiled Eggs in Spicy Tomato Sauce

Lavender Mini Teacakes

My cousin grows Royal Velvet culinary lavender and decorative lavender on the farm she and her husband share along a river in southeastern Idaho. She suggested that I might use the culinary lavender in my cookies and specifically in a cookie like the one I made today as the first experiment. Since I’ve a taste … More Lavender Mini Teacakes

Stuffed Eggplant

Since summertime 2014, most Tuesday dinners involved some items or spices typically associated with Mexican food and were called, in a name widely used elsewhere, Taco Tuesdays. It seldom involved tacos, but often involved the leanest ground beef with taco seasoning. (I could write a mini-book with those recipes; maybe I will someday.) My daughter’s … More Stuffed Eggplant