j’s Cookies n Cream: Carol’s Butter Cookies n Raspberry Ice Cream

We all have foods that we associate with certain individuals. Sometimes the name of that person is part of the name of the item and widely known, but maybe the person with whom it was originally associated is unknown. Think: ¬†Reuben sandwich. I’ve named cookies after people. The cookies that I call Mini Teacakes have … More j’s Cookies n Cream: Carol’s Butter Cookies n Raspberry Ice Cream

Sourdough Saturday: Flatbread & Walnut Sticks

Two sourdough starters in the fridge need regular tending, so with a bit of this and that in the fridge I decided to bake three items. The sourdough flatbread was first spread with warm, just-caramelized yellow onions, a bit of ham pieces and crumbled cheddar-jack left from one of the protein snacks. Notice the attention … More Sourdough Saturday: Flatbread & Walnut Sticks

Shredded Wheat Muffins with Oats, Fruits and Nuts

Early in the week I sustained some type of trauma to my achilles tendon making it very difficult to navigate, especially up and down stairs. It has ultimately led to more creativity in the kitchen since trips to the grocery store require use of the stairs, I’m wary of further injury and avoiding stairs until … More Shredded Wheat Muffins with Oats, Fruits and Nuts

Composting: A Rant

In the city of Seattle, food waste is not allowed in the rubbish nor are recyclable items. Food waste joins lawn and garden waste in a big plastic bin collected every week on the same day as the rubbish, in a separate truck and for a different destination. Seattle composts, mostly citywide, but there are … More Composting: A Rant

Garden Art as Food

Doesn’t it look delicious? Somebodies had their plates full making these gardens for people to appreciate. I do not like to garden, but I’m a devoted appreciator. I just eat it up, bless the people who did all the work, and, if I can, give them a little something in return for the pleasure I’ve … More Garden Art as Food