Rhubarb and Pecan Tea Bread

Rhubarb Tea Bread with toasted pecans and cinnamon baking chips

One of my brothers served this mildly spiced, dense and delicious bread to guests for an occasional dessert at a hunting and sporting lodge he built and sold in northwestern Montana. Today I gathered up the season-ending stalks of rhubarb from three neighborhood gardens, chop chop, used white whole wheat and just-roasted pecans along with some Prepared Pantry Cinnamon Baking Chips in the first recipe result from a google search and tonight … we all had some. If one wasn’t aware that the bread contains chopped rhubarb or have a discerning palate, it would not have been obvious. There are no big bits of sour rhubarb in it because the dice is small.


Incidentally, his handwritten recipe is the same as the one at food.com, which was the top search result.  I think it originally came from one of the main foodie magazines since it was before we were all online.


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