WordPress forces early Birthday Wish


My daughter was off to London this week for an MBA program and will, again this year, miss her birthday at home. Nevermind, I covered both events with one cake, making use of more neighborhood rhubarb and the occasion of the annual Block Watch Party to share a moist, unexpected, non-chocolate cake* on a hot night.

Lemon Cream decoration

I emailed the neighbors an hour or so before the street event began to explain the decoration. I forgot to say that lemon cream goes well with cinnamon and rhubarb.

Happy Birthday on Sunday to my darling daughter. Maybe we’ll have proxy cake.


*https://mschefinseattle.com/2017/05/21/in-the-kitchen-with-juliyya-cinnamon-sugar-rhubarb-cake/  I doubled the recipe for the large cake. You would, too.

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