Deluxe Chocolate Fudge and Raspberry Cakes

One of two 3-layer cakes

Did you notice the title said plural cakes? That’s right. I made two of these. Wednesday the 19th of October was the birthday of the Manor’s jazz pianist and he was the recipient of one of the two cakes. Last year I made him a chocolate birthday cake* but it had a fresh seedless raspberry filling and a raspberry cream cheese frosting. While he ate THE WHOLE THING himself over the course of a week, he was thinking it was going to be chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and raspberry filling when he told me that his favorite combo was chocolate and raspberry.

That’s right. Two of them. Pardon the photo, but it’s proof.

Since he is a Manor resident and didn’t share and there were and are a good number of my neighbors who would’ve appreciated a slice (and … ahem! I also would have appreciated a slice since I bake to share and he didn’t think to offer me one), I decided in advance that I would make two of the special cake this year. It’s three layers of Crazy Cake**, split, then each with a thin layer of dark chocolate fudge frosting with a piped rim to keep the layers of exquisite seedless fresh raspberry filling from dripping down the side, then top and sides with fudge frosting, more filling slathered on the top and finally some fresh berries.

Closeup. Does it inspire you to spend half a day making one of these?

Have I ever mentioned that it’s necessary to work fast with fudge frosting as it sets up quickly? I kept the mixer going and added warm cream occasionally to stop the fudge setting before I was done. Each cake/layer had to sit in the fridge for a few minutes while I applied the goodies to the other, working one layer at a time forever. While it’s a delicious cake to eat, it comes with anxiety in the preparation and I’m glad it’s generally a once-a-year effort. I had a slice this year and it was mmm-mmm each bite. Next year I’m thinking to slide in a very thin layer of my grandmother’s-recipe marzipan over the fudge and under the raspberry layers, to provide the flavors of a mazerine, which I love. Maybe I will make just one giant cake and give the pianist a slice instead of a whole cake. We’ll see.

Bee Happy



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