Happy Birthday to Jazz Pianist

Saturday was the birthday of the man who gave me his previous Yamaha electric keyboard piano when he got a new, updated model with gazillions of bells and whistles. We were introduced during the heat wave this summer in the only air-conditioned room here. It wasn’t long afterwards when he walked into it again one Saturday afternoon when I was playing the piano (but not singing) and I asked him to play a little bit for me. He did. I love jazz piano. This is gratitude cake.

It’s one of the more complicated cakes that I make, as I call any cake which requires more than one batter and one frosting. His favorite is chocolate cake with raspberry filling, so I went wild. Fresh raspberry coulis and the chocolate layers were made the night before I put it together on Saturday after using the coulis for the filling and my Raspberry Jones Buttercream. The procedure is to frost the bottom layer, then pipe the edge (to keep the filling from oozing over the edge,) apply first layer of filling, chill, apply second layer of filling, chill until set. Then the top layer is applied in the same process and fresh berries finish it off. Put a ribbon on the cake carrier and a candle on the cake.

I texted him in the afternoon when it was fully set and asked, “Are you ready for cake to be delivered?”

His reply: “Yes. (There is no way to make the word ‘no’ apply to that question. Smiley face emoji) Meanwhile I’ll just be agog.”

There was enough batter to make some cupcakes since the cake was to have only two layers, so I made six of these, ate one of them and gave the others away to appreciate friends.

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