I went wild: juliyya’s Peanut Butter & Marshmallow Wich

My original cookies and the original Marshmallow Fluff

I baked a batch of my own recipe Peanut Butter Butter Cookies today as gratitude cookies for a group of doctors (attendings, residents and students) and nurses and various support staff at the University of Washington Medical Center Hospital but saved a few for an experiment. It worked like a slightly gooey dream and a new Wich* was born with a filling of genuine Marshmallow Fluff from Lynn, Massachusetts which arrived yesterday. The melted chocolate on top is there because my daughter likes her peanut butter goodies with chocolate. Don’t they look grand?

They look gooey and grand to me. Partial credit to the original Fluff for juliyya’s Peanut Butter & Marshmallow Wich

As opposed to the crispy butter cookies, the addition of the Marshmallow Fluff softens the cookie and turns it into a real sandwich cookie, whereupon I gave it a true name knowing there isn’t another cookie in the world like it because my recipes are … my recipes. I’ve never seen one like these either, but I know the old saying about nothing new in the world. Nevermind that.

Bee happy
The bee flew away as I approached but the colors are cheerful in the gray of November in Seattle.


I tried a different peanut butter and marshmallow cookie previously:


And a different Peanut Butter Butter Wich:


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