Exquisite Raspberry on Chocolate Fudge Cake

In all its glory

Today (well, the 22nd) is the birthday of my good friend and also the belated birthday (cake) of her husband, who is also my good friend. (I usually bake a birthday cake for him, too, but wasn’t able to do so this year.) I call this cake Exquisite because it is the most beautiful and bound-to-be-delicious cake I’ve ever made. It had to be worth the trouble for them to drive in our cold wintry evening to pick it up.

I sort of copied the deluxe chocolate and raspberry cake* I made in October for my jazz pianist friend, but this one is three full 8″ layers and thus very tall. Rather than place the fresh berries on top of the seedless fresh raspberry filling which I’d spooned over each layer of chocolate fudge frosting in the previous cake, I decided to stir the berries for the cake top into the filling. Doesn’t it look scrumptious? Raspberry on raspberry on chocolate.

Raspberry and Chocolate, such a divine combination.

The chocolate art on top was simple, just melted semisweet chocolate piped in sqiggles and swirls onto waxed paper and placed willy-nilly on top after the chocolate set.

A little bit of Bahrain enjoying the Christmas fairy lights


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