Orange and Toasted Coconut Bread

Organic & unsweetened coconut, fresh orange and love

When I was 11 years old, I won two blue ribbons at the State Fair in Puyallup, Washington, which I’d entered for 4-H projects. One blue ribbon was for perfect corn meal muffins and the other for an orange and coconut bread. Those two entries gave me the title of Prize-Winning Baker and today, after decades of ignoring that bread, I adapted my old recipe by toasting and pulverizing unsweetened coconut flakes. Sunday afternoon Mahjongg and Formula 1 beckon.

It is, so far, the only quick bread recipe in which I do not use at least some whole wheat flour. Why? The coconut itself acts as a type of flour in the finely ground state and I didn’t want to further mess with the chemistry when I’d also substituted Greek yogurt for buttermilk.

The autumn leaves
Bee happy

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