Raspberry Fudge Ripple Ice Cream with Blackberry Diversion

juliyya’s Raspberry Fudge Ripple Ice Cream

My daughter is not alone in the world of those who like some chocolate with their raspberry. Someone who reads this blog and has a birthday soon comes to mind.

In any event, I recently had a go at decreasing the fat content of the summer fruit ice creams which I make and share after someone said it was “too creamy” for her, meaning there was too much whipping cream in the small batch test of Rainier Cherry Ice Cream. I agreed with her. The flavor was superb, but the butterfat stuck to the palate. I was using what I’ve thought of as the standard ratio fruit to cream.

Since I had leftover blackberries picked last summer in the freeze, I experimented with not only the ratio of seeded blackberry puree to cream, but also with the type of cream. The original recipe which started my obsession with making ice cream weekly for my mother with summer fruits was in Taste of Home magazine. Rhubarb Ice Cream, made without an ice cream machine of any sort and no rock salt. It also calls for heavy whipping cream. https://mschefinseattle.com/2016/05/05/spring-rhubarb-ice-cream/

I decided to use a combination of half-and-half and regular whipping cream, but had to change the method. The blackberry ice cream, even with berries I picked and froze last August, thawed and strained to remove seeds …delicious. We’re going to need a neighborhood blackberry-picking-party to get enough berries for the once-yearly blackberry pies and now the ice cream which will attend them. This is what it looked like before it hit the deep freeze, just in case I forget to take the photo next time. More berries than cream. This is going to be a hit with my family and friends, and we’re all watching the berries mostly still green, knowing what’s upcoming in the Pacific Northwest. Some of us had the preview.

juliyya’s Blackberry Ice Cream

Back to today’s experiment using the same ratio of fruit and creams with a mix of raspberries I’d frozen and a cup of fresh berries, I folded in some freshly made but cooled hot fudge. Three grownups are testing it tonight besides me. My daughter will have a serving soon enough.

scooping out a serving to share of my Raspberry Fudge Ripple Ice Cream

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