Caramelized Red Bells n Farfalle for Mother’s Day

Farfalle, caramelized red bells and onion
Farfalle, caramelized red bells and onion

Yesterday I spent a gorgeous and perfect afternoon in another city with my daughter while Seattle celebrated Opening Day of Boating Season. She and I celebrated Mother’s Day (in part) early with lunch at Rory’s in Edmonds and watched the run-up to the Kentucky Derby at the same time. We Lyfted up the hill to the house, watched the Derby, enjoyed the view of Puget Sound with lots of sailboats visible over on the Kitsap side, played with the well-trained, vivacious 9 year-old gigantic and wonderful dog, and then I decided to buzz off for home.

Four red bell peppers needed to be used pronto, chop-chop. A mother in the neighborhood had planned to get her grill on in celebration of mothers and I thought that I might be out of town, so I couldn’t commit when she invited me. Today the griller mother wasn’t feeling well, the kids were boisterous and the daddy off working, the rigors of cleaning last summer’s leftovers off the grill today, then grilling and repeating lost its appeal. She wisely decided to postpone.

Meanwhile at home I thought, hmm, may as well roast those red bells until they caramelize and figure out what I might like to go with them. Turned out it was caramelized onion, some farfalle, some freshly toasted and spiced pecans and a spot of parmesan. That’s for tonight, a warm and aromatic and pleasing blend of flavors and textures. Tomorrow, avocado and a bit of smashed chipotle in adobo will be added. Two dinners. That was four red bells.

Red, copper, bronze and gold on chartreuse
Red, copper, bronze and gold on chartreuse

because there had to be something green in the photo, and chartreuse is my favorite shade of green. There are reasons for this. Perhaps someday I will share those. Meanwhile, a little curtsey and thank you to the mothers and potential mothers who take some moments to read my blog.

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