Spot the difference.


You’re looking at classic Jubilee Jumbles* and my Snicks with Hershey’s Dark Chocolate Mint Truffle Kisses.** I made them as a present for a couple out-of-town nieces who are visiting their cousin (also known as my daughter) today, as she returns to London tomorrow. One of my nieces has a birthday this weekend and her favorite cookie (that isn’t one of my artisan cookies) is those Jumbles. Both nieces missed out on the Christmas goodies from my kitchen, so I covered that with these two cookies and a couple servings of the Kashmiri Fennel Mini Teacakes*** made for Mother earlier this week.



The recipe from the last century for the Jubilee Jumbles is in that post. I will add this important note: I always double the frosting recipe and recall that many, many times in the past I’ve followed it to a “T” and ended up using cups more icing sugar than the recipe. Why? It was due to the addition of the recommended full amount of canned milk to the browned butter and sugar. A double batch (Otherwise it’s just a thin layer of icing melting on the warm cookie and we like plenty.) actually doesn’t need 1/2 cup of the canned milk for 4 cups of icing sugar and 4 tablespoons browned butter as stated in the recipe. It takes 1/4 cup plus 2 tablespoons of the milk for the perfect creaminess and desired spread-ability. That’s here at sea level, anyway. The double batch is perfect for the 4 dozen Jumbles, as the browned butter frosting is the secret to the cookie’s appeal.

Carefully layered, non-smashed Jubilee Jumbles & friends


(No recipe for my proprietary Snicks and secret sauce. Sorry.)

Super Snow Moon was still forming on the 15th & clouded over when full


Since I made this special Snick dough anyway, I cut off a chunk to make a couple of the brand new Vanilla Chocolate Chili Snicks**** so my visiting daughter could provide her opinion on the spicy cookie. “More, please!”



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