New! Vanilla Chocolate Chili Snickerdoodle

Camp Fire mints, Hershey’s Kisses, Lindt Dark Chocolate Chili bar & Snick dough

Since it’s Camp Fire mint season and I have leftover Hershey’s Dark Chocolate Covered Mint Truffle Kisses and a bar of my favorite Lindt Excellence Chili Dark Chocolate and since I am baking some cookies to take along with me for a visit with my mother on Bainbridge Island tomorrow, I decided to try a couple one-off cookie experiments.

The cookies for tomorrow are my Vanilla Snicks with Kisses*, so the dough in my hands today wrapped around a few dozen of those and then a square of the Lindt bar and then one of the 12 Camp Fire mints. I froze the Snick dough balls to bake some in the morning before I go. That melty, minty chocolate in the middle of a crispy cookie is best fresh.

The circle covered the square, and no seepage.
Wish I’d made more. Vanilla Chocolate Chili Snick. It’s a thing, a great thing.
img_2701_1 adj
Not a success as mint filling oozed out, leaving chocolate behind. Tasty, though.


Psst. I saved some of MsChef’s Dough-to-Go Snicks with Kisses for my Belfairian niece (when next I see her) to bake in her own or a borrowed oven.

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