juliyya’s Friday cookies: classic Jubilee Jumbles

juliyya's version Jubilee Jumbles
juliyya’s version Jubilee Jumbles

My daughter and I agreed last week that she would come over on Thursday night this week so she could take some Jubilee Jumbles into her office for a meeting in the morning. They will be offered juliyya’s Friday cookies! These are soft, cakey vanilla and brown sugar cookies with a few chocolate chips and a buttercream icing spiked with browned butter, decorated with a See’s Chocolate Chip (or not.)

Two of my adaptation of Jubilee Jumbles, which happened to be warm and iced, the chocolate chips still melty, handed to Mark as a gift just as he was finishing a painstakingly minute chore outside late this afternoon, elicited, “Mmm. Wow! Two for five dollars. Mmm-mmm.”

The classic Betty Crocker recipe for Jubilee Jumbles, in a recipe book my mother has on a shelf and on the card you see above, has shortening in it. I don’t use shortening in my cookies. Or margarine. It’s butter. The original recipe calls for nuts. You can google it. My family put in nuts sometimes, but more often it was just chocolate chips. We doubled the icing recipe. I prefer nuts plus chocolate chips plus dates plus coconut. Toasted coconut. Today, just chocolate chips. As it says in the old, old label on my knife block, from cookies taken to work in maybe 2001, “No nuts. Nothing weird.”

Well used recipe
Well used recipe

** and a gazillion kudos to the person or persons who actually invented this wonderful recipe way back when it was published.

Frosting:  2 Tablespoons browned butter, 1/4 c. canned milk, 2 c. icing sugar

(I double it to 4 T. browned butter, 1/4 c. + 2 T. canned milk, 4 c. icing sugar




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