Raspberry Scone Berry Good Shortcake

Two boxes of fresh berries, some frozen raspberries and my recipe for deliciousness previously published*. Wow! This is my idea of berry shortcake Heaven with small scoop vanilla ice cream. When Washington peaches and nectarines come in this summer, well … *https://mschefinseattle.com/2021/12/29/better-lemon-glazed-raspberry-scones-with-my-recipe/

Better Lemon-Glazed Raspberry Scones with My Recipe

There were complaints, including mine, about the prior raspberry scone with lemon glaze drizzle so I decided to adapt my own biscuit/scone recipe with hope for better result. I got it, too. My neighbor says it’s not as puffy as store-bought scones or classic Irish scones, but I use the drop method rather than roll-and-cut … More Better Lemon-Glazed Raspberry Scones with My Recipe

Lemon-glazed Raspberry Scones with Recipe

Recently I reconnected with my sister-in-law who’s settling in for retirement in Moses Lake. (I was maid-of-honor at their wedding 54 years ago!) She and my step-brother have been like snowbirds for a number of years, sometimes in Ocean Shores and sometimes in Arizona. My nephews, their wives and children live in the eastern part … More Lemon-glazed Raspberry Scones with Recipe

Cranberry-Raspberry Coffee Cake with Orange-Raspberry Glaze

There was leftover berry filling from the extravagant birthday cake* made a few days ago and I’m not one to waste leftover goodness. The question was how to use it and I’ve wrestled with ideas because I didn’t want to just make a repeater and I didn’t want it to sink if I put it … More Cranberry-Raspberry Coffee Cake with Orange-Raspberry Glaze

Spot the difference.

You’re looking at classic Jubilee Jumbles* and my Snicks with Hershey’s Dark Chocolate Mint Truffle Kisses.** I made them as a present for a couple out-of-town nieces who are visiting their cousin (also known as my daughter) today, as she returns to London tomorrow. One of my nieces has a birthday this weekend and her … More Spot the difference.