Kashmiri Fennel Tea Cakes

juliyya’s Kashmiri Fennel Tea Cakes

This year’s Christmas goodies brought an opportunity to try yet another flavor of the highly-favored mini tea cakes I make every year, those one-bite little balls of buttery and sugary goodness that melt in the mouth.

I’m fond of fennel candy, those little seeds covered in a hardened coat of sugar in interesting colors that one finds in many Indian restaurants to freshen breath after a meal. So, I made some fennel confectionary a while ago, put it in a jar to mature and had the plan for this cookie in my head for that time. This morning I had a go and they turned out beautifully, just as I wanted, with a delicate taste of licorice but not using licorice. I think they deserve a star.


Update 12/29/16 Wishing that I’d made more than a trial half batch of these. Every person who’s had them loves them and wishes for more. None of them has ever seen or had a cookie anything like these deliciously fragrant bits I’ve created. I think there’s another winner here, easily competing with springerle in aroma and way, way more easy to pop in one’s mouth, one small bite at a time, reaching for more until they are all gone. Perhaps I will make them again for Mother’s Day.


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