Bringing in the New Year with Butterscotch No-Bake Oaties

Happy New Year! says quick oatmeal, butterscotch no bake cookie with a secret not-secret on top

I saw in my stats a few days ago that one view was referred from a blog where I found and made a previous recipe, so I used the blog search bar to find what I’d made and whom I’d credited for the recipe. When I clicked the link to the other site, I saw a recipe for a no-bake butterscotch oatmeal cookie and followed it through to discover it’s the same type as the chocolate and oatmeal no-bake which many of us have made over the years. I’ve never tried it with butterscotch chips, but they’re a favorite in a couple cookies I make so I decided to give them a go.

Well, I didn’t have quick oats and thought it might be necessary to go to the store as my cupboard stocks old-fashioned oats and that type of oatmeal is more chewy in the chocolate cookie than I like. However, a quick search indicated the difference between old-fashioned and quick oats, at least in the tall cylindrical containers, is chop-chop-chop so I got the Magic Bullet out of the cupboard and made a half batch to test.

And here they are. Can you see a few (very few) tiny grains of complimentary Fleur de Sel? Butterscotch is very sweet.

I also didn’t have unsalted butter as my limited Christmas baking this year depleted my stock, so I used regular butter and still put a teeny, tiny sprinkle of flaked sea salt on top as the cookies were setting.

The recipe which I halved to make one dozen as a test is at

We like ’em. A bit of cookie and a bit of candy with heart healthy oatmeal. Happy New Year!

Seattle New Year 2023 lights, wheel and fireworks. Photo by Maria Vandenburg. Copyright 2023. Used with Permission.

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