In the kitchen with juliyya: Space Birthday Cakes & Crispy Rice Planets

Tuesday the 26th of November is National Cake Day. When I saw it trending on Twitter, it reminded me that I hadn’t yet posted about the cakes actually made and decorated for the space-themed birthday for which practice* was had. Have a look at results:

Candles were placed on both cakes, too!

Pictured are: an eggless chocolate Crazy Cake** with cream cheese frosting topped with a sheet of fondant having an outer space design made of edible food colors; crispy rice marshmallow treats with appliqued designs of the planets and moons; and a fresh lemon cake with cream cheese frosting hand-decorated by the 9 year-old, just as she wanted it.

Edible topper and gazillions of sprinkles on frosted 14″ x 10″ Crazy Cake

I made the cakes and frosting, then the birthday girl and I frosted the chocolate cake and enlisted her mother’s help to apply gazillions of sprinkles and later, the candles.

Crispy Rice Marshmallow Treats with Painted Fondant

Even though the decision was made to have a space-themed party this year and thus no snowballs, we still incorporated crispy rice and marshmallow treats by molding them into balls and applying the decorated fondant. (Snowman cake posts linked below.)

Lemon Cake Rocket Ship 

The rocket ship practice was well worth it, as was knowing what colors my young friend wanted for the frosting and her confidence that it would work as planned. We finished all three projects in approximately three (or four) hours!


**   This is the eggless & dairy-free chocolate cake beloved by many, shared widely here. It works for sheet cakes, layer cakes, cupcakes and mini cupcakes, always moist.

Snowman cake posts:



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