New! Mini Cinnamon Chocolate Chili Snicks for Thanksgiving

Stuffed mini cookies, size of a quarter, ready for the oven

A lovely neighborhood merchant asked me several days ago what I would be doing for Thanksgiving. I just shrugged and said that I am alone. She told me that she invites some folks who do not have family and asked me if that included me. Nope, I have family, but my daughter lives in London and my local relatives are all busy with their families and friends so I’m usually alone for the big holidays.

3 or 4 bites. See the lumps inside?

She invited me to come by between noon and three o’clock for Thanksgiving dinner. Yesterday I phoned her to find out where to go and tell her that I would be bringing a cranberry upside-down cake. She asked me not to bring a cake or anything else, said that she had an abundance of food and helpers, and there would be boxes packed with dinner to be picked up and taken home to eat. Thanksgiving meal. No company. An up. A down.

A couple of inside-outs join the outside-ins just for the photo

However, I cannot accept dinner, even in a box, unless I present my hostess with a gift of some sort. So, this morning I decided to give these a trial run. They’re a smaller version of my Vanilla Chocolate Chili Snicks* but with the addition of cinnamon because chocolate, chili and cinnamon are a divine trio. I was aiming for a two or three-bite cookie with the pop of Lindt’s chili chocolate and that’s what I got. I put two dozen of them in a pretty little bag and my gift was accepted with pleasure, as was the boxed savory and sweet meal which I brought home, which included yummy chili-spiced cranberry sauce!

Thanksgiving dinner in a box and some foil. See the spicy cranberry sauce? Yummy.


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