In a kitchen with juliyya: Snowman birthday cake, Part Deux, with a family


It was two years ago when the first Snowman birthday cake* made such an impression on the six-year old who enjoyed the creative process and result so much that she decided another must be made. Perhaps the theme might be repeated next year in some way. Maybe three starts a tradition. Who knows? (We’ve already discussed some matters concerning next year already, for age 9, but it’s a secret. Sorry.)

Cakes are frosted & crisped rice is marshmallowed and buttered

And so it was that this morning I whipped up a full-sized Crazy Cake**, an impulsive 9″ lemon cake, a double batch of cream cheese frosting, then headed over to their bigger kitchen and dining area for the fun. A batch and a half of non-GMO crisped rice and her mother in the kitchen melting marshmallow and butter, some buttered up hands and the process was underway for us to frost, shape and decorate.

Birthday girl placing every item precisely where she wants it

All decorative decisions were made by the young lady herself despite my begging for a snowman on the lemon cake which was there for her friends who don’t like chocolate.  Lemon cake got the candles. However, there was no separating the Snowman family her hands had made; they’re together on the chocolate cake.





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