In the kitchen with juliyya: (Rocket) practice makes perfect.

There’s a birthday party next month for one of my favorite children and collaborator on cake. She will be nine (9!) and we’re doing some things the same way and some things in a different way. Her sister’s recent birthday* taught us a bit about cake architecture and this cake will teach a bit about drafting. We’ll see where it leads from design concept to prototype. We’re aiming for time-limited fun in practice, not perfection.

Rocket ship design. Don’t you dare say “fish.”

The theme this year will not be a snowman cake** as we’ve done a couple times***, but space, and there are decorations and plans for the main cake. This exercise is for the secondary cake as a go-along with the theme.

We started with an 8″ paper circle because the practice cake was an 8″ chocolate cake. The party cake which we’ll use to make the rocket will be a 9″ cake of a different flavor since the main cake will be chocolate and some folks don’t eat chocolate.

1 round cake = 5 easy pieces. Rocket soon ready for space travel.
Child having fun with frosting on practice cake

Dinner soon found the rocket ship without its nose and a couple other bits. Did I mention that it’s a chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting?





Bee happy

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