Summer! Fresh Raspberry Ice Cream with Hot Fudge

Fairy-size strawberries, a few in the mix.
Raspberries just before trip to my kitchen
Fresh-picked organic raspberries, no poison

First ice cream of the summer is such a treat that I made just half a batch since that’s how many berries I had to work with, and also because I was impatient to wait a couple more days to make a full batch. Half batches freeze in half the time, too.

Coulis, the hardest part of making berry ice creams.

Add some sugar, lemon and cream to the smashed, deseeded berries and put it in a freezer bowl. Spend a couple hours giving it a stir every 15 minutes until it ices up. Meanwhile:

Why not make some honest-to-goodness, real hot fudge?

And then, enjoy this:

Scoop of raspberry ice cream with hot fudge and a few berries on top. Mmm.

For readers who wish to see a whole bowl of this ice cream in progress, I reference:

And with the fudge rippled throughout, I reference:

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