Limey Wich with Rainbow Frosting


It’s June, Pride month, therefore it’s time for rainbow frosting in or on a new cookie, right? And since it’s also time to continue trying flavors for sandwich cookies, I borrowed from my Rainbow Joneses* and my Limey Joneses** for the new offering, juliyya’s Limey Wich. It’s a lime butter cookie with lime cream frosting in the middle.

Nearly done
There’s a rainbow in each cookie



Bee happy


A wee update which will post on the 26th: Know what goes well with lime cookies? Homemade fresh raspberry ice cream* with homemade blackberry and raspberry sauce, so I made those today. A neighbor who provided some of the raspberries said they’re his favorite fruit and so I made a small batch of my favorite. It’s a once-a-year thing with lots of smashing and then two trips for the berries through wire mesh strainer before they’re sugared and lemoned. A bit messy and laborious, but it can’t be beat for flavor, more raspberry couli than creams.


My daughter likes to guild the lily in a different manner:

And this is how I became convinced that butter cookies are the perfect accompaniment to fresh raspberry ice cream:

Oops. I forgot to include recipe. It’s necessary to scroll down for it:

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