Raspberry Ice Cream with Strawberry Shortcake

juliyya’s Raspberry Ice Cream

I’d made my version of baking powder biscuits and had fresh strawberries in the fridge, intending on strawberry shortcake for breakfast yesterday morning, but it didn’t happen. Later in the day, watching DVR’d qualifying for Formula 1 Spain, I remembered that I also had a bit of leftover raspberry ice cream* made in a small batch Thursday night out of frozen berries for a test. My thoughts went to the delicious taste of strawberries and raspberries on shortcake anyway, plus the fact that there is cream in the ice cream, and I decided to forego whipping the cream. Way to go, substitution. Breakfast, brunch, lunch, dessert, accompaniment to F1. Mmm.

*My Raspberry Ice Cream recipe is in the link. It’s necessary to scroll down a bit. It’s very easy, does not require an ice cream maker or rock salt. It’s delicioso.


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