Happy Birthday to Best-Selling Author

We’ll be having this: Recipe is here: https://mschefinseattle.com/2019/06/06/chocolate-shortcake-with-nectarines-recipe/ Maria is definitely having a happy birthday. Her first published book, Crown Jewels, The Akasha Records, Book1 is #1 on Amazon in the category Alchemy, written for young adults and ordered by many adults including those taking her companion course “30 Days of Authenticity” on the Intention Inspired website. … More Happy Birthday to Best-Selling Author

Great Grandmother’s 6-Minute (haha) Strawberry Preserves

I grew up making these strawberry preserves in the summers with my mother, standing at the sink, washing and hulling strawberries, leaving them whole, then by some magic in more than a few minutes filling a big stainless steel tub with berries in a thick syrup to cool, also to pluck a whole berry from … More Great Grandmother’s 6-Minute (haha) Strawberry Preserves

Gratitude Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie with Crumble Crust, Recipe

Plumber fellow who will be in a couple hours providing a bit of a fix to a serious problem under the kitchen sink said, a few days ago, “Yeah. I like to eat. I like baked stuff.” I’d told him that I often express gratitude by baking something which I know the intended recipient has on … More Gratitude Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie with Crumble Crust, Recipe

Raspberry Ice Cream with Strawberry Shortcake

I’d made my version of baking powder biscuits and had fresh strawberries in the fridge, intending on strawberry shortcake for breakfast yesterday morning, but it didn’t happen. Later in the day, watching DVR’d qualifying for Formula 1 Spain, I remembered that I also had a bit of leftover raspberry ice cream* made in a small … More Raspberry Ice Cream with Strawberry Shortcake