Hard Way Brownies with Lemon Cream Rainbow Frosting

Hard Way Brownies with Lemon Cream Rainbow Frosting

After the Rainbow Joneses* were all frosted and decorated, mention was made that leftovers might find a use. Hard Way Brownies are a great use for such leftovers. I call them Hard Way because the normal, easier way which I’ve been making since Joan’s recipe became my go-to in 1968 involves melting the butter and chocolate together, then adding the sugar, then the eggs and vanilla, then the dry ingredients and done. The hard way is to use the mixer to fluff up the butter, then with the sugar and eggs as if one is making a fancy cake, one at a time, la tee da.

I was curious, that’s all. The result was a hugely puffed up cookie with a crust on the top underneath which was steam, ergo a little burn when toothpick testing time came. Nevermind. They’re cooled, frosted, decorated and these multi-colored and multi-textured brownies will soon be on plates here and there. Happy Summer and a lovely Formula 1 race.



(Updater: title should be “How to Ruin Perfectly Good Brownie” because lemon cream frosting, considering the theory that most anything goes with chocolate and there are lemon-cream chocolates, should have been tasty enough. Instead it was a too-sugary mess, to my taste, even though it was pretty.)

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