New! Rainbow Jones, A Raspberry Cookie with Lemon Cream Rainbows

See how I did that? I share this secret for those who like frosting fun.

This is the name my daughter wanted me to give Sprinkles Jones* and the cookie I dreamed up the same night she suggested it because I was firm on the sprinkles. It’s my Rainbow Jones, the second recent successful experiment! It is a tasty, pillowy soft raspberry and lemon cookie worthy of joining my Joneses, starting with some fresh raspberry puree for the cookie, (but no food coloring in them since I knew there’d be a bit of wildness in color if my plan worked.) I owe the late Bob Ross a curtsey for this delightful “painted” cookie. He’d be proud of it, too.

The girls proudly celebrating juliyya’s Rainbow Jones

I made a lemon cream frosting, split it into three bowls and made three colors using tiny dabs of vegetable food coloring until they were bright as sidewalk chalk. You can see why I thanked Bob Ross. My plan was to spread the three colors of frosting on a plate, then use a palette knife to scrape up some of each color and spread it on a cookie, creating rainbow effects. It was lots of fun, plus they’re adorable and yummy.

Each one with a happy little rainbow, most with chocolate squiggle

Now where’s the unicorn cookie?


There’s about a cup of leftover frostings sitting side by side in a bowl in the fridge. Maybe I’ll make a little batch of something else to frost all rainbow-y for the Formula 1 race in Baku on Sunday. Meanwhile:

Bee happy.


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