New! Sprinkles Jones with Cotton Candy Hints

juliyya’s Sprinkles Jones

A couple TV seasons ago on The Great British Baking Show, one of the bakers made a cake flavored with cotton candy essence. As a fan of cotton candy, my curiosity won, I did some research and acquired a dram of the essence, then set it aside until inspired to try a new cookie with it. There’s a birthday today which I am celebrating with sprinkles galore, which she loves, and the alpha test of this cookie into which I took care to put mere hints of cotton candy flavor in the batter and frosting.

When I ran out of Cotton Candy Frosting, the improviser within noted that there was plenty of chocolate fudge frosting for the decoration, so a few cookies got the reverse treatment and definitely contributed to the cuteness of this new soft, frosted Jones.

Birthday Wishes were written on the cookies, plated to give the message
Bee happy.
Two bees happy.

21 June 2017 update: This cookie has passed with flying multicolors. Stay tuned for another new soft, frosted cookie amongst my Joneses because I had another cookie dream last night. My daughter suggested a different name for these cookies but I was insistent on Sprinkles Jones. She wins the big prize for naming the next of my cookies in advance of its creation.


4 thoughts on “New! Sprinkles Jones with Cotton Candy Hints

  1. OMG!!! These were the best cookies yet! Absolutely delicious! Super moist and love the cream cheese frosting:) And what girl doesn’t love confetti sprinkles?!?! Thank you!


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