Fennel Butter Cookies & Mother’s Day Treats

juliyya’s Fennel Butter Cookies

I’m sending my mother her favorite type of cookies, more specifically, cookies she can hide in tins in her bedroom and have whenever she wants one or two, along with a few of my Chocolate Joneses* and a chunk of  Ginger-Date-Orange Coffee Cake with Orange Cream Glaze.** The “hiders” are one of her all-time favorites, my Toasted Coconut Butter Cookies and a successful new cookie experiment.

I’ve been dreaming about making a Fennel Butter Cookie after the success of Kashmiri Fennel Mini-Teacakes. This cookie is delicately flavored and 100 % worthy of joining the buttery line. I used lavender sparkling sugar so they’d not be mistaken for the Toasted Coconut this time. However, I’m going to save the lavender for the actual lavender cookie and figure out some other color or combo to differentiate the fennel to the eye.

Sorry. Dark shot of the Fennel Butter Cookie, then too late for new one.



With Formula 1 Barcelona race this weekend, I prefer a slice of cake over muffins and cupcakes, and when I made those muffins last month, decided that I’d do it different the next time. Today I used navel orange and clementines along with the candied ginger and medjool dates, but instead of muffins, I made it into a coffee cake and glazed it warm. Some lucky people got warm cake and some got cookies, too.

My mother will be surprised to find cake in with her cookies, but the USPS delivers it the day after I mail it, so why not?

Spring colors pop a couple days ago on a walk

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