3 Breads 3. Well, maybe not breads.

Apple Pie Bread Pudding, Swedish Ripple Coffee Cake, Walnut Cinnamon Rolls

There were apples needing use, so Saturday afternoon I decided to make the Apple Pie Bread Pudding with the baby cinnamon roll base and custard, so me and the big mixer got busy with some dough and a plan. The plan included making a smaller version of the 1955 Pillsbury Bake-Off recipe for Swedish Ripple Coffee Cake which was a staple in my formative baking years. I added a hint of cardamon to the dough and sour cream/brown sugar goop which either sinks to the bottom and caramelizes or stays on top and becomes pudding-y. Also in the plan: using the Swedish roll goop** to fill a pan of cinnamon rolls, pop walnuts over the rolls and sprinkle on cinnamon-sugar. Why not make three different things from plain old bread dough for Super Bowl?




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