Valentine Goodies for children to take to school, now with gluten, dairy

Beautiful tulips and tins of sweets

Having seen a friend’s post on Facebook yesterday concerning the requirements for items children bring to school to share on Valentine’s Day, I had sighed a little sigh. No gluten. No dairy. No peanuts or tree nuts. No candy.  No sugar. Shortly thereafter, I agreed by text to an order of baked goodies for Valentine’s Day, and specifically, for the children to take to a non-public school.

I was so delighted to hear from the mother that her twin daughters wanted chocolate cupcakes with pink frosting and sprinkles. I asked what her son would like and the response was not entirely helpful. He said, “Please make a surprise, cookies or cupcakes or whatever, but a really good surprise.” She suggested brownies with pink frosting, and I suggested one of my specialty icings for both the cupcakes and the brownies. Peppermint Cream Icing, indeed. Some chocolate sprinkles and we’re away.

Eggless Chocolate Cupcakes, Brownies, Peppermint Cream Icing

Thank you, lady of the house, for unknowingly contributing the bulb tulips from your dining room table to make a pretty photograph.

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