Juliyya’s Cherry Chocolate Coconut Sourdough Cake, Chocolate Cream Cheese Icing

juliyya’s Cherry Chocolate Coconut Sourdough Cake

“There’s a lot going on in there,” said a neighbor looking at a huge chunk of cake on its way to his family for dessert. Indeed. The cake has sourdough starter in it for one thing, so there’s a flavor that only an experienced palate will detect as well as adding moisture and density. The cake also has whole tart cherries, desiccated coconut, cocoa, chocolate chips and a silky chocolate cream cheese icing.

Oregon tart cherries didn’t care if it was cake or pie

There’s been a similar recipe from an old Sunset Magazine in the files for almost 20 years but I’d never made it. Today with sourdough starter and a can of Oregon tart cherries up for use after I’d ruled out 3-cherry pie, I went for a variation, adding the coconut instead of ground almonds plus tripling the amount of sourdough starter and eliminating the milk. The result was scrumptious, moist and joins the “A” list in the chocolate cake file.

the newest MsChef cake, with special friends for photo

Late night update:  Ah, this is my new favorite cake now that I’ve had a teeny bite of it after it’s been refrigerated for several hours. It’s meant to be served chilled, for sure, and it does not need a bit of ice cream or whipped cream or any addition whatsoever.

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