In the kitchen with juliyya: Swedish Cinnamon Goop, 2 Uses

Gooey Rolls made with Cinnamon-Sugar-Butter  Goop

A recipe which included a new method of incorporating cinnamon, sugar and butter into a sweet roll caught my eye, specifically, a Swedish cinnamon twist made with cardamon-flavored dough. Before attempting a recipe using up to three tablespoons of ground cardamon plus eggs, butter and milk in the dough, I decided to try the process with a simple yeast dough first.

The dough had risen and I was rolling it out to apply the goop when the phone rang and a neighbor asked if his girls could come over while some indoor construction was happening, the girls needed to be out and enjoy time in the kitchen. One decided to read a chapter in the book she’d been reading at home and the other pitched right in, twisting strips of dough lathered in cinnamon-sugar-butter goop. Afterwards, we painted with water colors and the girls designed some new critters for MsChef’s friends Lady Lolita Vandenbug and Crook McBirdie, also known as Crookie. (The new critters will be introduced at a later date.)

Caramel goodness on yeast roll

Careful tending was required while those cinnamon twisty buns were baking, and it’s not difficult to see why, but Wow! Those caramelized bits were popular and the rolls delicious. I’m still not sure about remaking with the cardamon considering how much of the goop spilled out of the variously-knotted rolls, but the taste was perfect.

juliyya’s Cranberry Biscuit with Cinnamon Sugar Butter Insert

There was leftover goop, meaning use it for something else. That something else was biscuits with cranberry lolly in the dough and a dollop of the goop pushed inside quickly. The result was tasty, too, as a biscuit not in need of butter, and was perfectly timed for the San Francisco 49ers against our Seattle Seahawks. Sunday football!

Filled Biscuit, blurry photo. Sorry.

Recipe for the goop, also known as Swedish cinnamon pastry filling, is to mix the following ingredients to a paste:

1/3 c. room temperature soft butter

1/2 each brown sugar and granulated sugar

2 Tablespoons warm milk

3 teaspoons ground cinnamon

————- and a pretty photo:


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