j’s Apple Pie Bread Pudding

Mini cinnamon roll dough, caramelized apples, other things

Perhaps the reader is acquainted with someone who likes to make mountains out of molehills. Yesterday I got an idea in my head that went something like this: I’d like to make a really complicated: Pudding. Bread. Pie. I’ve got fresh Washington apples, some Rainiers. Recently there’s been a search through some of the handwritten recipes looking for the old Apple Brown Betty Recipe. I didn’t find it yet but found one online that used cinnamon bread for the bread cubes, which sounded delightful so I’d decided to make a loaf of that today.

This morning, in one of cooking and blog’s synchronicities, while I was having a look at another food blog whose twin bloggers follow mine, I found a recipe for an Apple Pie Bread.*  (Find their recipe at the link.) Thanks, ladies. It looked good enough and complicated enough to try, and several of us are happy about the effort.

Apple Pie Bread Pudding, ready to go into the oven

I made a few changes, including making some dough and forming it into lots of mini cinnamon rolls instead of using the refrigerated canned dough, and a drizzle of lemon glaze rather than a sprinkle of powdered sugar. It looks like a pie and a bread, but it’s more of an elaborate apple bread pudding, sans cream which might go on other types of pudding.

Apple Pie Bread Pudding with Lemon Glaze

I just served it warm and delicious to neighbors (who had no knowledge it was soon to grace their table) and myself. I called it dinner since the custard in it provides additional protein and I was off watching a fun elementary school production of Shrek at dinner time while the dough was rising. My neighbors were totally unexpecting pudding at 10:15 P.M. and were in their kitchen looking for a snack. Lucky us.

You know you want a bite



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