j’s Cookies n Cream: Carol’s Butter Cookies n Raspberry Ice Cream

Rainbow sprinkles on butter cookies before baking

We all have foods that we associate with certain individuals. Sometimes the name of that person is part of the name of the item and widely known, but maybe the person with whom it was originally associated is unknown. Think:  Reuben sandwich.

I’ve named cookies after people. The cookies that I call Mini Teacakes have another name but I keep it private. It is a tribute to the woman who inspired me to make smaller cookies for ladies’ luncheons.

Today there will be fresh raspberry ice cream* made all over my kitchen last night and this morning from neighborhood and farmer’s market berries. Everyone who contributed will be offered a serving. I enjoyed picking a few cups of them with a neighbor who offered her raspberry garden. Accompanying the ice cream — which does not need gilding, but nevermind — is the cookie that I call Carol’s Butter Cookies. In her last few months I asked my sister’s friend, Carol, if there was something I could bake for her, anything at all. She asked for butter cookies, plain and simple. I think of her whenever I bake them.

Half the batch today have rainbow sprinkles mixed from most of the colored sprinkles in the pantry. Those cookies are in honor of my daughter’s longtime friend. It’s a matter of Pride.


* Recipe for my Raspberry Ice Cream can be found in the last part of this post. It’s delicious and does not require rock salt or an ice cream maker. https://mschefinseattle.com/2015/11/25/raspberries-and-cranberries-already-great-made-great-again/

Raspberries waiting our gentle fingers

and then they were smashed, put through two strainers to remove the seeds.

Raspberry Ice Cream being made with a whisk and freezer

Can’t you just taste it?

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