It’s National Dessert Day. Something Cherry, Lorena Gonzalez?

Having finished last night chronologically listing several months of photos meant to go in this blog with a paragraph or two and discovering that today is U.S. National Dessert Day and with Seattle prepping for a Mayoral election, I decided to do a quick post inspired by all those things.

During the run-up to the primary election in August, we’re inundated with campaign ads in the mail for all the elected positions and referendums for which we voters are asked to check a ballot box. This year it included a unique mailer from one of the two candidates who was voted in to compete as a Democratic Party member in the November election for Seattle’s next mayor: a small bag of gorgeous Washington State dried cherries. I saved them until I was subsequently given a big bag of dried tart cherries and decided to make “something cherry.”

I started my cherry baking with this, an applesauce cherry quick bread with a streusel topping having a bit of orange zest in it. My community loved it. No nuts. Lots of flavor.

Update: Sorry that I spelled Ms. Gonzalez’s name wrong in the original post. #Lorena Gonzalez (I also found out there is a Californian legislator with the same name!)

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