It’s National Dessert Day. Something Cherry, Lorena Gonzalez?

It’s National Dessert Day. Something Cherry, Lorena Gonzalez?

Having finished last night chronologically listing several months of photos meant to go in this blog with a paragraph or two and discovering that today is U.S. National Dessert Day and with Seattle prepping for a Mayoral election, I decided to do a quick post inspired by all those things.

During the run-up to the primary election in August, we’re inundated with campaign ads in the mail for all the elected positions and referendums for which we voters are asked to check a ballot box. This year it included a unique mailer from one of the two candidates who was voted in to compete as a Democratic Party member in the November election for Seattle’s next mayor: a small bag of gorgeous Washington State dried cherries. I saved them until I was subsequently given a big bag of dried tart cherries and decided to make “something cherry.”

I started my cherry baking with this, an applesauce cherry quick bread with a streusel topping having a bit of orange zest in it. My community loved it. No nuts. Lots of flavor.

Update: Sorry that I spelled Ms. Gonzalez’s name wrong in the original post. #Lorena Gonzalez (I also found out there is a Californian legislator with the same name!)

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