Tart Cherry & Chocolate Chip Bread with Orange Crumble

See the little bits of orange zest in the crumble just before the bake?

For Veterans’ Day this year, I experimented with flavors in this quick bread, using whole rather than chopped dried tart cherries, chocolate chips, unsweetened applesauce for a smooth texture and a fresh orange crumble on top.

Pretty, pretty & crispy crumble on finished bread.

It’s raining in Seattle today. (Surprise, surprise.) A great day for a slice of warm and a bit gooey bread. Happy Veterans Day. And speaking of Veterans Day, which is one of nine yearly Federally-recognized holidays, there are sure a lot of firms which have no respect for veterans and require their employees to be at work instead of remembering those who’ve served. After the huge political fight over restoring the date of 11/11 annually to celebrate the holiday rather than have the day off on a Friday or Monday, it strikes me as more than stingy and more as disrespectful. I found agreement today from others on this point.

My recipe.

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