juliyya’s Chocolate & Raspberry Surprise Cupcakes. Maybe Cupcake Joneses?

Scoop out some cake; scoop in some filling.

“Why don’t you simply make half a batch of raspberry sauce if you don’t need the whole thing?” asked Sylvia after I’d told her that I’d only used 1/4 cup of it in the frosting for the Raspberry Joneses* made a few days ago. Answer: because it takes as long to make a half batch as a full batch, and then I also get to let my mind wander until that moment of inspiration and I find a use for the leftover. (Some folks even suspect that I make extra frostings so that there will be leftovers, and in some cases they’ll be spot on.)

The surprise is hidden inside. Lolita & Crookie approve these cupcakes.

Today I had the purposeful leftover fresh raspberry sauce and ganache, and some I-didn’t-plan-it leftover raspberry buttercream, so I began with making some Crazy Cake cupcakes early this morning. (Just so happened that there’s a “leftover” 9″ layer of that cake now freshly wrapped and popped into the freezer for upcoming use; that’s another story.)

After those cupcakes were cooled, the melon baller was put to use to remove a chunk of the cake, some raspberry sauce put into that space, the cake chunk inserted to cover the now-filled cupcake, the top smeared with a dollop of the raspberry buttercream and the chocolate ganache decoration applied. Mmm, these are pretty tremendous, and they sure do look like an offering among my Joneses, as someone else said.

There’s that surprise! Wish I’d taken away the cupcake paper for pic, but oh well.


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