PB&J gets a new meaning.

Here’s looking at ya.

A few weeks ago I shared my newest easy biscuit recipe* along with recommendation to mix up a batch of honey butter to spread on them. My mother requested the recipe and while I was writing it on the card yesterday, I mentioned that they could also be spread with jam and the two halves slammed together for a sandwich. Oh, light bulb!


When she was in a rehab place on Bainbridge Island for a few weeks following surgery last year, I rode the ferry weekly from Seattle over to visit her and always took along a biscuit and jam sandwich for my lunch. Today I truly gave PB & J a new meaning, made peanut butter biscuits and put some of the gorgeous jam of apricots** made recently in the middle. I can honestly say that it’s my favorite PB & J sandwich ever. The peanut butter doesn’t stick to the roof of the mouth, just melts along with the jam. So good. Try it.

Bee very happy



(For those who’ve expressed curiosity, my “Bee happy” shots are extreme closeups, not distant shots using a zoom lens. I’m quick in with the camera and out, being allergic to bees. Bumble bees typically object and have chased me away. This bumble bee had a firm grip on that lavender blossom and was so very happy that it didn’t give chase. I said “thank you” as I backed off.)

2 thoughts on “PB&J gets a new meaning.

    1. Thanks. It’s lily season all over my neighborhood, so many colors, so beautiful. I go on walkabouts and take photographs of flowers and shrubs just to revisit their beauty. My guess is that you know exactly what I mean and why I put flower and garden shots in these posts.

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