Wildflowers & Seasonal Jam of Apricots with my recipe

Start with Washington apricots.
Cut 3 quarts of them in small pieces. Put in deep pan.
Get mouth-watering jam.

Absolutely NO corn syrup. NO pectin. (Lemon juice is the helper.)  I use considerably less sugar than most jam recipes. It’s a choice. It’s also plenty sweet.

3 quarts chopped apricots, 7 cups sugar, 1/2 cup fresh lemon juice. Stir in deep pot and let sit for 3 hours, also known as macerating. It pulls some of the juice out of the fruit which will then partially evaporate when the heat gets applied.

Medium heat to 220 degrees while constantly stirring. (Yes! Loss of one batch due to burn ruining the whole thing was a tough lesson the first time that I made jam. Burn bubbling throughout.) It takes at least an hour, so be prepared to stand at the stove or hire a maid to do it for you. Put in hot sterilized jars and lids. (Some folks get foam when making jam and the foam should be scooped into a dish for samples. I never get foam. Just lucky.)

And from a certain bee series:

Bee happy
Exquisite garden with a rainbow of colors


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