Brownies for the Launch


My daughter’s first published book was launched today. It is Book 1 of a trilogy called Crown Jewels, this volume called The Akasha Records, the female lead character being named Akasha. I’m so proud of her for following through with her intention not only to write and publish it, but also to write a companion course to the book called “30 Days of Authenticity” published on the Intention Inspired website. She’s brilliant!

Her birthday is on the 6th and I decided to initiate the celebration of the birthday and her book with a batch of her favorite brownies … decorated like the book cover.

Bee happy

3 thoughts on “Brownies for the Launch

  1. Awww!

    So sweet. Just bought her book on Kindle and started her 30 Days of Authenticity program!

    So happy she has such a supportive and loving mom!

    Yours Barb ________________________________


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