Wildflowers & Seasonal Jam of Apricots with my recipe

Absolutely NO corn syrup. NO pectin. (Lemon juice is the helper.)  I use considerably less sugar than most jam recipes. It’s a choice. It’s also plenty sweet. 3 quarts chopped apricots, 7 cups sugar, 1/2 cup fresh lemon juice. Stir in deep pot and let sit for 3 hours, also known as macerating. It pulls … More Wildflowers & Seasonal Jam of Apricots with my recipe

A Jam of Cherries

It’s Washington State cherry season. A quart of pips-out, split dark cherries, 2 cups of sugar, 3 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice macerated at room temperature for three hours and then an hour of constant stirring over medium low heat to 220 degrees Fahrenheit yields merely two jars (3 cups) of heavenly jam.   Wish … More A Jam of Cherries

Great Grandmother’s 6-Minute (haha) Strawberry Preserves

I grew up making these strawberry preserves in the summers with my mother, standing at the sink, washing and hulling strawberries, leaving them whole, then by some magic in more than a few minutes filling a big stainless steel tub with berries in a thick syrup to cool, also to pluck a whole berry from … More Great Grandmother’s 6-Minute (haha) Strawberry Preserves

Italian Plum Jam

The question was asked. A neighbor with a fruit-bearing tree and fruit that could be wasted. What shall I make with the Italian plums so ripe that they’re no longer suitable for snacking? Plum ice cream? Plum crisp? Plum pie for Little Jack Horner even though it’s a bit early? Italian plum jam? Yes, but … More Italian Plum Jam