Lemon Cake with Fresh Berry Filling and Berry Buttercream with Raspberries

Somebody is 9 but 8 people get cake!

Take an 8″ square lemon cake and turn it into three cakes? Yes, I did. A couple weeks ago I made a round and a square lemon cake, using the round cake to make a rough impression of a rocket for a birthday party and popping the square cake into the freezer for use today on the actual birthday.  I cut a 6″x6″ square for the family of four who will be celebrating, then a 8″x 2″ for Sylvia and her son, then a 6″x 2″ for me and my guest.

Quart of mixed berry sauce from 4 lbs. berries, seeds removed by me

First, I made the not-oversweet filling of deseeded raspberry, blackberry and blueberry crumbles, the kind you might find in a bag in the grocer’s freezer section for use in smoothies. The lemon cake was then split and filled with the mixed berry sauce and frosted with a smooth berry buttercream before a bit more sauce was piped onto the top and sides. Fresh raspberries atop two of the cakes and voila! (No berries for my guest.)

Baby Cake sure looks big
Can’t you just taste the goodness?

I gave a jar of the leftover filling to Sylvia for her Sunday waffles and saved the rest for use in something else, soon.

Name this tree.

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