Vanilla Chocolate Mint Snicks

Fairtrade Ghanaian cocoa in the mint thins

My friend Sylvia said last week that she’d like one of my cookies that “melt in your mouth” rather than one of the fruit and chocolate chews. I had to think about it for a few days, not wanting to repeat something I’d recently made, i.e., the butter cookies and mini teacakes, but a look at the supplies solved the selection issue. 1 dozen chocolate mints.

And the pretty plate acquired last week needed its first cookie shot, so here are my Vanilla Snicks with dark chocolate mint filling. See the chocolate peeping through one?



I made a few of the *Vanilla Chocolate Chili Snicks for the freezer since there were some Lindt Chocolate Chili squares in the baking supplies, too. This is why:



My favorite staghorn sumac
Colorful trees in the hood
the shadow of leaves on a fallen maple leaf

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