Jalapeno Potato Chip Chocolate Chew?

just in case they looked the same coming out of the oven

Munchies were featured in a recent episode of Martha and Snoop’s cooking show and Martha made a kitchen-sink cookie that included potato chips. It was a hit, providing sweet, salt, chocolate, nuts and I don’t remember the rest. It was the addition of potato chips — known as crisps in some parts of the world including the U.K. and India — which got my attention.

See that bit of spicy potato chip in there?

I decided to put some Tim’s Cascade Style Jalapeno flavored potato chips into a trial batch of my low-fat chocolate chip chews. Why not? Hot and spicy with chocolate? Chili and chocolate work beautifully together in many dishes, sweet and savory, and they worked scrumptiously inside a vanilla snickerdoodle.* In case they didn’t turn out, I went very small, making just six with sparse 1/4 cup hand-smashed chips. I ate one when it was still warm. It was interesting.


I froze five for second opinions from those who eat that particular brand of thick, crunchy, burn-your-tongue crispy chips. When that happens, I will update.

Bee happy.


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