One cake leads to: New! Dutch Molasses Ginger Cake with Creamy Lemon Frosting

Round cake not quite cut in half, but who cares?

That’s right. The brand new Dutch Potato Gingerbread Cake* has undergone its first variation. While the Snowman Family birthday cake was being made yesterday, I had a little chat with the missus about putting a lemon-lime icing on it in lieu of whipped cream or vanilla ice cream or making the gingerbread offering into a layer cake with a lemon-lime frosting.

Overnight, I was thinking about the taste perfection in my Molasses Chews with lime glaze* and so, about an hour ago, right in the middle of the Rams and Lions game, I couldn’t resist the urge to give it a try.  A mini version is in the oven as I write.

Moist, dense

There’s no lime in the fridge and I’m not heading out, but there’s lemon. We’ll see what happens in a couple hours after cake cools and gets frosted. It will be a success with lemon or I’ll wish that I’d walked to the store for a lime. No matter what, there will be a cup of tea and a slice ready by half-time in the Seattle Seahawks game against the 49ers.





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